Chemical added to the Inventory following issue of assessment certificate (early listing)

February 9, 2023

The following industrial chemical has been added to the Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals in accordance with Section 83 of the 2019 Industrial Chemicals Act.

Substances added to the inventory after the issuance of an evaluation certificate
Number CAS: 1835697-72-7
2-[(2E)-1,2,4-trimethyl-2-penten-1-yl] 2-methyl-2-[(2E)-1,2,4-trimethyl-2-penten-1-yl]cyclopropanecarboxylic acid oxy] propyl ester
Molecular formula: C16H28O3.
The chemical was evaluated for use as a scent ingredient in cosmetic, personal, and household products by professionals and consumers.
One tonne per year may be imported into Australia.

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