Vietnam Implements Strong Measures to Regulate E-Cigarettes and Heated Tobacco

May 14, 2024

Vietnam's Prime Minister has issued a directive to strengthen the management of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products to combat their negative impacts. The directive is aimed at addressing the increasing use of these products, particularly among young people, which has led to negative health impacts. The government and Prime Minister have implemented the "Tobacco Hazard Prevention and Control Law" to prevent and control tobacco hazards. The directive has been implemented by various ministries and local governments, with initial success in reducing smoking rates. To prevent the negative effects of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, the Prime Minister has requested that the Ministry of Health provide information, education, and communication on the harmful effects of these products. The Ministry of Finance has instructed customs to tighten inspections and control illegal imports, while the Ministry of National Defense has instructed border guards to strengthen patrols and controls. The Ministry of Commerce has instructed market supervision forces to strengthen internal market management and punish organized groups involved in smuggling.

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