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Biocide, Pesticide, Disinfectant
Product Registration Support (Global)



Chemical Regulatory Framework is getting stringent and more robust day by day. This dynamic scenario has put forward numerous challenges to chemical companies with respect to Regulatory compliance. Competent authorities in various regions have their own set of regulations (e. g. in Europe, EU REACH Regulation) and there is no harmonized Regulatory framework across the globe, which may lead to delayed market access and sometimes, loss in financial aspects.

At Freyr, we have a dynamic team of Regulatory scientists with hands-on experience on core chemical Regulatory space in all major markets. The team is equipped with sound knowledge of all the aspects of Chemical Registration regulations. Freyr caters wide range of services to cosmetics and biocides, and offers end-to-end chemical Regulatory compliance solutions to meet the timelines. Major Chemical Regulations:

EU REACH Registration, EU BPR, EU CLP Notification

Freyr Expertise and Advantages

Freyr Expertise

  • Biocidal Product Notification and Registration as per the EU Biocidal Product Regulations (EU BPR) including:
    • Compliance with Article 45, Annex VIII to the EU CLP for Mixtures classified as Hazardous based on their Health or Physical Effects
  • Biocidal Product Notification in the EU Member States 
  • Biocide Product Authorization
  • End-to-end Hazard Communication Services including Authoring and Updating Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Review of Chemical Safety Data Sheet, Toxicological Information for Quality and Updates (If any)
  • Liaising with Member States’ Competent Authorities with the Help of Local Partners
  • Multilingual Capabilities to Meet Regulatory Requirements for All the EU Markets
  • Assistance with Label Review and Updates for Compliance as per Different Applicable Regulations
  • Only Representatives (ORs) Services
  • Notification to CLP Inventory
  • REACH Dossiers Review and Updates, GAP Assessment, Study Klimisch Scoring, Development of Robust Study Summaries (RSS) in IUCLID
  • EU REACH Chemical Registration
  • Chemical Registration under Different Chemical Regulations across the Globe