9 Actions in 9 Months for Congress and EPA to Deliver Sound Chemical Management Policy in 2023

January 17, 2023

TSCA reform was broadly supported by the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was updated by Congress in 2016. According to ACC president David Weinberger, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not carrying out its legal obligations.

9 recommendations for Congress and EPA to consider in 2023 are listed as followes :

  1. Meet Statutory Obligations for TSCA Implementation
  2. Meet Statutory Obligations for TSCA Implementation
  3. Base TSCA Risk Evaluations on Real-World Data
  4. Incorporate Existing Workplace Practices and Industrial Hygiene Experts When Evaluating Risk from Workplace Exposures
  5. Make Safety Determinations for Each Condition of Use
  6. EPA’s Section 4 Test Orders Should Be Tiered and Provide Necessary Information to Support the Risk Evaluation
  7. Strengthen Intra- and Inter-Agency Coordination
  8. Support Innovation by Accelerating the Pace and Timeliness of Reviews
  9. Improve Transparency, Objectivity and Peer Review
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