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Ecolabeling Regulatory Support



Ecolabeling is a voluntary labeling method that identifies environmentally sustainable products with a distinct label. The eco mark or ecolabel on the product indicates its minimal negative impact on the environment.

Ecolabeling also differentiates the product from similar products in its category by endorsing its eco-friendly nature. It allows consumers to make environmentally favorable choices by choosing sustainable products that are potentially less harmful to the environment. The use and significance of ecolabels span across food, cosmetics and the entire range of consumer products.

Along with building trust for the brand, an ecolabel also helps manufacturers portray an eco-friendly image of the product to consumers and stakeholders. Hence, companies are eager to make their products more sustainable and compliant at every phase of the value chain. Regulatory bodies are also getting increasingly attentive towards the products that have harmful effects during their production, use or disposal.  In these scenarios, sustainability labeling has become the need of the hour.

Recent years have also seen an increase in ecolabeling programs across countries and business sectors.

Product and Packaging Ecolabeling

Most manufacturers believe that an ecolabel, eco mark or eco-design is required only on products. However, eco-labels are applicable for packaging as well.

A product ecolabel validates, that the product is environmentally sustainable, while a packaging ecolabel certifies that the packaging material is recycled, recyclable or bio-degradable.

As Sustainability gains prominence across the globe, it is pivotal to select a Regulatory partner for the ecolabeling requirements and achieve compliance with the global Regulatory bodies.

Our team of highly qualified experts provides guidance on eco-labeling, eco-design and eco mark requirements for your food/cosmetic/consumer Products.

Freyr Expertise and Advantages

Freyr Expertise

  • Guidance on Ecolabel Schemes as per the Target Market
  • Eco-label Documentation Support and Review
  • Identification of Appropriate Claims
  • End-to-end Support for Obtaining eco-label