Chemical Registration in Sri Lanka

Chemical Registration in Sri Lanka - Overview

Handling chemical products to minimize the risk to human beings and the environment is challenging. Many countries, including Sri Lanka, incorporate complex Regulatory processes to adhere right assessments for potential hazards in the chemical products for humans and the environment during production, processing, and distribution. In such scenarios, manufacturers must consider the GHS frameworks and information on various country-specific approaches for the risk management of chemical products.

Household consumer products such as laundry soap, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectants, and other chemical cleaners are the most highly regulated product categories in the consumer industry. In addition, many hazardous substances, biocides, and chemicals have stringent regulations. It is necessary to comply with Sri Lanka chemical regulations to ensure that the products are safe for the environment and human health and are effective enough in maintaining hygienic conditions.

Keeping abreast with the stringent and changing global Regulatory dynamics for chemical products, Freyr can extensively support and provide end-to-end scientific and chemical Regulatory services for placing the entire product portfolio in any market.


Chemical Registration in Sri Lanka - FREYR EXPERTISE

  • Product Classification, Formula Assessment, and Labeling Services.
  • End-to-End Chemical Regulatory Compliance Services.
  • Dossier Preparation and Product Notification/Registration.
  • End-to-End Regulatory Consultation for Chemical Registration in Sri Lanka.
  • Expert Advice on Chemical Regulatory Strategy based on Sound Science and Technical Feasibility.
  • Robust Partner Network across any Region.
  • Qualified Team of Experts with Hands-on Experience across the Product Portfolio & Sri Lanka Chemical Regulations.
  • Chemical Safety Consulting.
  • End-to-End Consumer Packaging Compliance.
Freyr Advantages

Chemical Registration in Sri Lanka - FREYR ADVANTAGES

  • Local presence in the market with relevant expertise and experience.
  • End-to-end Regulatory consultation for Sri Lanka Chemical Regulations.
  • Easily navigate the complexities of Regulatory Authorities.
  • Support for region-specific Regulatory complexities.
  • A structured and cost-effective approach to ensure compliance in multi-market scenarios.
  • Quick turnaround and faster time-to-market.