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Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance


Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance - Overview

For consumer goods, ensuring Chemical Regulatory Compliance with the National/State/Provincial Regulatory requirements and industry standards is an intricate and ever-changing process. It is generally understood that there is always a high chance of a gap between the required and actual compliance, wherein reliability across geographies and time are the key factors. Therefore, proactive observation of Regulatory and statutory adherence is important to ensure compliance with the raw materials, semi-finished products, and final products at different levels of product development.

With proven expertise and global presence, Freyr supports the entire compliance value chain, from supplier communication to document management to product formula development/review. Our team helps you to identify the supply chain compliance Regulatory barriers at the initial stages of product development that help you to deliver Regulatory-compliant products on time in the market.

Freyr Expertise and Advantages

Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance - Freyr Expertise

  • Retrieval of Raw Material (RM) Source Documents (Raw Material Questionnaire, Material Safety Data Sheet, Product Specification, COA, etc.).
  • Regulatory Formulation Assessment.
  • INCI List Generation.
  • Raw Materials Compliance Assessment.
  • Set Up a Process (Document Management System) for Periodic Updates and Compliance Management.
  • End-to-End Supplier Raw Material Document Management Services (Raw Material Questionnaire, Material Safety Data Sheet, Product Specification, COA, etc.).
  • Raw Material Document Data Gap Analysis, Periodic Update based on the Availability of Compliance Document Management and Compliance Management.
  • Regulatory Assessment of Product Formulation for Cosmetics and Consumer Products for Ingredient Compliance as per Different Markets (Allowed, Restricted, Prohibited, Ranges, and Limits).
  • INCI List Generation for Regulatory Labeling Requirements.
  • Proactive Observation of Regulatory and Statutory Adherence to Ingredient Regulations, especially for Colorants and Preservatives.
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