Regulatory assesment of Isocyanates by ECHA

June 28, 2023

ECHA has classified structurally comparable substances according to the presence of isocyanate, diisocyanate, or triisocyanate moieties.
The group is divided into eleven subgroups based on the isocyanates and introduced chemical functionalities (such as urethdione, biuret, allophanate, isocyanurate, and oxadiazintrione) in the oligomers and reaction products.
Currently, it is not proposed to harmonise the classification and labelling of isocyanates due to the lack of validated test guidelines for respiratory sensitisation and the fact that the majority of substances already have a harmonised classification or are self-classified by registrants. The expansion of the current restrictions and OEL proposal for isocyanates could address the risks to workers, including self-employed workers and consumers, in a more time- and resource-efficient manner. Nonetheless, if the harmonised classification and labelling of substances in the future triggers additional risk management measures to safeguard workers and consumers, this regulatory measure could be further considered for the isocyanate group of substances.

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