Turkey Takes Steps to Prevent Pest Transmission in Wooden Package Materials

January 12, 2023

There is a new law in Turkey that mandates the heat treatment and labelling of timber packaging materials, and the government has informed the World Trade Organization (WTO) of the change. The rule exists to stop the spread of unwanted species like termites via wooden packaging.

The rules in this document provide best practises for labelling export-bound wooden packaging with ISPM 15 and traceability information. It also covers the inspection and obligations of companies, as well as the examination of wooden packing materials, as well as information on permit certificates, licenced businesses, unlicensed businesses, suppliers, and users. Articles 3 and 4 of the rule establish the use of security holograms on wooden packing materials.

This rule will safeguard the agriculture industry and the environment by requiring that all timber packaging materials comply with international standards and are free of dangerous pests. As an added benefit, the new regulations will guarantee that Turkey's hardwood packaging materials are widely recognised abroad and not subject to any trade restrictions.

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