U.S. EPA Releases Additional Data on Ongoing Uses of Chrysotile Asbestos

March 20, 2023

According to a news release from the EPA on March 16, 2023, these figures are about chrysotile asbestos diaphragms used in the chlor-alkali business and sheet gaskets made with chrysotile asbestos that are used to make chemicals.

The EPA says that it could use the data to make the final rule, including the suggested dates for stopping these uses of chrysotile asbestos.

The EPA wants to hear from the public about any data in the docket that was sent in during or after the time for public feedback on the proposed rule and how the EPA should think about it when making the final rule. Comments are due April 17, 2023.

According to the EPA, after the comment period ended, it received comments and met with stakeholders, including the affected industry and other interested groups, to talk about the use of chrysotile asbestos diaphragms in the chlor-alkali industry and chrysotile asbestos-containing sheet gaskets in the production of chemicals.

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