Demonstration that biodegradable plastics can be decomposed even in the deep sea - A promising solution to the problem of plastic marine pollution

January 26, 2024

This exploratory project has successfully demonstrated that microorganisms can decompose various types of biodegradable plastics (excluding polylactic acid) at five different deep seabed locations near Japan. These locations have water depths ranging from 757 meters to 5,552 meters and support diverse marine ecosystems. This is the first time such decomposition has been observed in the world. 
A multitude of recently identified microorganisms found in the deep sea have the ability to decompose biodegradable plastics. These bacteria have been seen in diverse bottom sediments throughout the globe.
Proven biodegradable polymers are believed to breakdown in all oceanic regions worldwide, offering a potential solution to the global issue of plastic pollution in the oceans.

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