Notice on Naming Code for Environmental Management of Chemical Substances

May 5, 2023

General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment department organized the compilation of the national ecological and environmental standard "Naming Code for Environmental Management of Chemical Substances (Draft)" in order to standardize the naming of chemical substances in environmental management, support the environmental management registration of new chemical substances, the management of the List of Existing Chemical Substances in China, and the environmental risk assessment and control of chemical substances. In accordance with the national ecological environment standards revision work rules, the draft for comments and its preparation instructions can be accessed on the website ( by entering the name of this notice in the "Opinion Collection" column or in the search bar on the homepage.

In accordance with the feedback and suggestion form, all organs, groups, businesses, and public institutions as well as individuals may submit their opinions and proposals. Submit written comments to the department by June 6, 2023, and transmit the electronic version to the contact email address.

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