Studies conducted by Danish Consumer Council found PFAS in wide range of consumer products

October 27, 2022

The Danish Consumer Council THINK has been in stores to find products with PFAS. The store check resulted in a pile of more than 20 different items across product categories, including Frying pans, Cosmetics, Face cream, Hairspray, Gloves with Gore-Tex, Shorts with Teflon, Flossing ,Secateurs, Varnish sealer, Ski wax tape, Engine processing, Dry spray, Impregnating spray, Façade paint, Bicycle chain spray, Bicycle oil, Locking oil, Threaded tape/packing tape, Textile cloth, Grill net, Gamermus, etc. The Danish Consumer Council is currently working on a gathering public support for imposing national ban on PFAS in consumer products in Denmark.

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